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Parent Engagement Programme

What Parents can do?

Parent engagement in learning is seen as a crucial key to unlocking the educational potential of children. Researchers at the universities of Oxford and London have now itemised the vital activities to be encouraged by parents that provide a high quality home learning environment and lift the performance of their children once they get to school.

At Pre-School age they are:
At age 5 years to 7 years they are:
At age 7 years to 11 years they are:

The researchers also checked another seven social or routine activities to see whether they affected how well the child did at school. They did not but the activities were:


Research from all over the world shows that parental engagement in learning helps children do better at school. One major piece of research shows that active and consistent engagement by parents is worth the equivalent of an extra two or three years of education.

Some of the most recent research has found that parental effort in supporting a child's education has a bigger effect than the effort made by children and schools combined.